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FmPro Migrator is a stand-alone application which migrates FileMaker Pro databases to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, SQLite and Valentina. FileMaker Pro database structure and data are migrated to a database table in the destination database. Large text, repeating fields data and container field JPEG preview images are also migrated without manual data entry.
FmPro Migrator Developer Edition includes all of the features of FmPro Migrator, but also includes a Table Consolidation feature which performs the automated copying of Tables/Fields, Table Occurrences, Relationships, ScriptMaker scripts and Layouts between FileMaker 11 - 16 database files on macOS and Windows.

FmPro Migrator directly transfers data via ODBC to facilitate the migration of large text fields and FileMaker Pro container field data. FmPro Migrator includes a container field export feature for exporting container field data into individual files on disk. Container field data is exported as JPEG preview image data from FileMaker 5/6, and is exported in any one of the 22 supported container field data types for FileMaker 7+ versions, including: EMBO, EMF+, EPS, FILE, FPix, FORK, GIFf, JPEG, JP2, META, METO, moov, PDF, PICT, PNGf, PNTG, qtif.SGI, snd, TIFF, TPIC, XMLO, and 8BPS.

Database data is accurately migrated into the exact format required by the destination database. No manual processing or re-keying of data is required! The FmPro Migrator graphical interface is used to directly get FieldSize info concerning FileMaker fields, create tables in the SQL database and transfer data between database files. All of these tasks are quickly and accurately performed via the FmPro Migrator Migration Process window at the click of a button, instead of the hours or days of work typically required for a DBA to write, test and debug scripts manually.

Additionally, FmPro Migrator includes the ability to document stand-alone FileMaker Pro solutions files running on MacOS X or Windows. Documenting or migrating a stand-alone solution file could be critical to business continuity needs. You could spend $300 - $500 just for a documentation-only tool for FileMaker Pro - but not anymore.

How it Works
FmPro Migrator on MacOS X either directly reads the structure of an empty FileMaker binary file (FileMaker 2,3,4,5,6) or uses Apple Events via AppleScript to query the FileMaker Pro application for information about each of the database files which are currently open. Alternately, with FileMaker Advanced 8+ databases, FmPro Migrator reads the table creation XML code directly from the FileMaker clipboard.
On Windows, FmPro Migrator reads metadata directly from an empty FileMaker binary file (using FileMaker 2,3,4,5,6), directly from the clipboard (using FileMaker Pro Advanced 8+), or from an ODBC connection to the FileMaker database.

Step 1 - AppleScript Icon Step 1 - Drag and Drop Icon Step 1 - Clipboard XML Icon Step 1 - ODBC Icon
FmPro Migrator MetaData Gathering Icons


The information gathered from each database is stored within an embedded SQLite database file which is used to track and manage the entire migration process.


Migration Process Window
FmPro Migrator Migration Process Window

Performing a typical migration is as simple as creating an ODBC DSN for the source and destination databases, and clicking a button to perform each migration step.

Step 2 - Get Fieldsize Button Clicking the (Step 2) Get Fieldsize button gathers size info about each field within each record of the source database table.


Step 3 - Create Table Button Clicking the (Step 3) Create Table button automatically generates the table creation SQL code and sends the commands to the destination database to create the table. The Fieldsize information gathered in Step 2 is used to automatically size VARCHAR columns to the correct size, based upon the data within the source FileMaker database table. Columns containing more than 255 characters of text are converted into the appropriate large text/memo/CLOB column type for the destination database.


Step Step 4 - Transfer Data Button Clicking the (Step 4) Transfer Data button transfers all of the database records from the FileMaker database to the destination database via an ODBC connection (or a direct connection for: MySQL and PostgreSQL).

FmPro Migrator Developer Edition also includes a FileMaker table consolidation feature, enabling developers to utilize the new FileMaker 7+ security model for their FileMaker solutions. FmPro Migrator also incorporates a Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access to FileMaker 7+ migration feature.

Repeating Fields Extraction
Many FileMaker databases include non-relational data elements called repeating fields. These fields store multiple values within each field and are associated with the main database record by FileMaker. Manually extracting these repeating fields into a relational database structure can be a time consuming and error-prone process. FmPro Migrator easily extracts FileMaker repeating fields into a separate database table in which the records are related to the main table by the primary key. Each iteration of a FileMaker repeating field is inserted as a new record within the repeating fields table as shown in the diagram below. Migrating repeating fields to a SQL database can be an essential step to setting up a FileMaker 9 ESS (External SQL Sources) configuration using MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle server.

FmPro Migrator also migrates repeating fields within FileMaker 7+ databases using auto-generated ScriptMaker data transformation scripts. This feature overcomes the lack of repeating fields support within new versions of the FileMaker ODBC driver.


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