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FmPro Migrator Compiler Edition

Build SQL database apps from FileMaker® solutions.

  • Keep using the FileMaker Pro Advanced software you know and love for database development.
  • Update and recompile your app anytime.
  • Scale up your solutions to thousands of paying customers.
  • Reduce risk, save time and money compared with manual re-development.

Product Preview Info
The FmPro Migrator Compiler Edition demo is now available as a hosted web application (at the bottom of this page).

Top Features

black bulletNearly 100% automated FileMaker database compiler to App/EXE/APK, regardless of size or complexity.
black bulletBuild standalone desktop/mobile apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, IOS, Android.
black bulletUnlimited distribution of networkable cross-platform standalone apps to customers.
black bulletKeep using the FileMaker Pro Advanced database development environment you love, to scale up solutions to your SQL database of choice.
black bulletOnline and offline mobile application sync features.
black bulletUpdate and re-compile your apps any time from your FileMaker source database(s).
black bulletBuild cloud hosted scalable database solutions - without manually re-writing.
black bulletTransfer data from FileMaker files into SQL databases.
black bulletIncludes SQL code for database performance tuning, users/groups and database build scripts.
black bulletAutomated application updater included with each stand-alone.
black bulletSaves thousands of dollars and many months of manual application development work.

For more info please send email using the form below.

FmPro Migrator Compiler - Data Transfer Screenshot


FmPro Migrator Compiler Edition enables FileMaker developers to build cross--platform, highly scalable SQL database applications from complex solutions files. Each app incorporates the GUI and business logic copied over from the original FileMaker custom app. Data from the original FileMaker solution is transferrred over to the SQL database for immediate use within the new compiled app.

Scale-up FileMaker Solutions to Cloud Hosted Database Servers

Scale up desktop applications well beyond the capacity of a typical FM server configurations.  SQL database performance tuning and users/groups scripts are supplied for the DBA to apply to the SQL database server. 

Multi-tenant solutions can be easily implemented by splitting solutions to use separate databases on the SQL database server.


FmPro Migrator Compiler Edition Workflow Diagram

FmPro Migrator Compiler Editon - Workflow

Click the FmPro Migrator Compiler Edition screenshot below to run the cloud hosted demo version within your web browser.

Usage Instructions:
1) Click the application screenshot below to run the app.
2) Log into the server using:
Username = MacDemo1
Password = MacDemo1
3) Click on the navigation buttons to navigate within the app.

Note1: If you are using a brower other than Google Chrome, the Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys are used to display a clipboard helper panel.
Note2: Some web browsers require enabling clipboard functionality on a per website basis.


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