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Convert Visual FoxPro to C# in 15 Seconds Video with VFP Code Converter

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VFP Code Converter

The economical code conversion tool for FoxPro®

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VFP Code Converter 3.13 Released - Added support for using the Google Gemini 1.5 Pro model when using the VFP Code Converter Unlimited License. The Gemini 1.5 Pro model is comparable to the OpenAI gpt-4 model and may return results in half the time. Updated the models lists with the latest available models and restoring GUI interface fields.

FmPro Migrator & VFP Code Converter Comparison Table

VFP Code Converter - VFP to C# Conversion with gpt-4


Top 10 Features - VFP Code Converter

black bulletConverts PRG code to 50+ programming languages.
black bulletUp to 200,000 daily AI Tokens included (Unlimited AI Tokens when using your own OpenAI API Key with the Unlimited License).
black bulletEfficient workflow manages importing, processing, naming and saving of all scripts.
black bulletTo-Do list checklist shows project status at a glance.
black bulletFinely tuned system messages and properties are built in and sent automatically.
black bulletProcedure/Function splitting sends manageable sized chunks of code for processing.
black bulletFlexible GUI provides full control of AI model, source text, prompt text and output filename.
black bulletBenefit from continuous ongoing improvements to machine learning models.
black bulletInstantly import hundreds of PRG files from your FoxPro project.
black bulletFoxPro 2.6 to Visual FoxPro code conversion with form creation code generated too.



VFP Code Converter enables developers to instantly import and manage the automated conversion of hundreds of PRG files within an entire VFP project in a single window. Individual procedure/functions can be selected by name for single-click submission to the selected AI machine learning model. Output files are saved automatically as the results are received into a folder of converted scripts. Completed scripts are checked-off and the conversion progress is displayed above the grid of scripts. Completed scripts can be further processed by GitHub Copilot X and Visual Studio IntelliCode to complete the integration into the new project. VFP Code Converter supports conversions into the top 50+ most popular programming languages as found in the TIOBE index. Machine learning prompts are generated automatically, but the prompt text and source code fields are fully editable. Part of the secret sauce of this tool includes the system prompts and setup parameters which are built into the desktop software.

VFP Code Converter is optimized for making it quick and easy to import and convert all of your PRG files into a wide range of modern development languages. Unlike FmPro Migrator, VFP Code Converter only converts the PRG code, not the forms/reports, menus or database files. For many smaller projects, it is straightforward to re-develop forms/reports manually. By focusing only on the PRG files, VFP Code Converter is easier to use and more economical.

A wide range of AI models are available for selection during the conversion process. Updated models can be retrieved from the AI vendor via the Refresh Models button. This flexibility enables developers to choose the best model for their specific code conversion project. For instance, the text-davinci models generally work best when converting FoxPro 2.6 code to Visual FoxPro code with the generation of form creation code.


How it Works - Importing & Automated Code Conversion

The PRG file import process is as simple as clicking the Open... button and selecting a FoxPro project folder. The FoxPro top-level folder and all of its enclosed folders are instantly searched for .PRG files, the scripts are written into the MigrationProcess.db3 SQLite database file. At the same time, a ScriptsStatus.JSON file is created for the purpose of storing the contents displayed in the grid, including the completion status. As scripts are processed, they can be checked off by the developer, providing an updated completion count above the grid.

VFP Code Converter - Import & Auomated Conversion Process Diagram


How it Works - Automated Code Splitting

Machine learning models impose limits on the amount of text which can be submitted for processing. Sending a large script for conversion all at once, may result in an error result that too much text was either sent to the model or requested as a response. VFP Code Converter provides the developer with the opportunity to split up larger PRG files by Procedure/Function name. Selecting an individual procedure or function by name, results in the just the selected code being read from the MigrationProcess.db3 SQLite database and placed into the Source Script field.

If any individual procedure/function is also too large, it can be further split into smaller sections with the numeric menu to the right of the procedure/function name. Each piece of the original script name is given a sequential number to make it easier to re-assemble the individual pieces together.


VFP Code Converter - Code Spliting by Procedure/Function and Size




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