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FmPro Migrator Server App Builder

Build SQL Database Apps from FileMaker® Pro.

  • Reduced licensing cost.
  • Continue using FileMaker Pro to develop your solution.
  • Update and rebuild your app anytime - updater included.
  • Build cross-platform apps - desktop & mobile platforms.
  • Scale-up solutions using high performance SQL database servers - hosted locally or in the cloud.


Scale up your database to thousands of paying customers and save on your FileMaker Pro licensing costs.

Build standalone runtime apps
for multiple platforms.

With this new SaaS option, we will move your FileMaker Pro database to standard SQL database servers [including MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL], but keep your editable file within FileMaker Pro. Benefit from the ease of use of FileMaker, with the robustness and scalability of a SQL database back-end. On premise and custom licensing options are also available. Your database will be migrated to SQL in a 90% automated process, saving you vast sums of money in redevelopment costs. After migration, any customization you need will be made by our highly experienced team. You will receive a working end user client app that connects seamlessly to the new back-end, plus the technology to rebuild the app whenever you need to apply edits from your FileMaker UI.

Top Features

black bulletNew SaaS server platform.
black bulletOn premise and custom options also available.
black bulletFully customizable.
black bulletOnline and offline mobile application sync features.
black bulletFully automated rebuilds from your FileMaker solution after the initial build.
black bulletScale to thousands of users easily.
black bulletTransfer data from FileMaker Pro files into SQL databases.
black bulletAutomated application updater included with each standalone.
black bulletApps available for multiple platforms and devices.
black bulletUse FileMaker Pro to create and edit the UI, scripts, relationship graph and tables.
black bulletSaves thousands of dollars and years of manual application development work.
black bulletRisk free guarantee.

For more info please send email using the Contact form or open the chat window.


FmPro Migrator Server App Builder enables FileMaker Pro developers to build cross-platform, highly scalable SQL database applications from complex solution files. Each app incorporates the GUI and business logic copied over from the original FileMaker custom app. Data from the original FileMaker solution is transferred over to the SQL database for immediate use within the new app.

How it Works

Drag & Drop your FileMaker database onto FmPro Migrator Server App Builder, the metadata from within the file will be automatically read and built into a new application for the platform of your choice. Within minutes, you will have a new application running on your desktop ready for testing.

4 Key Reasons It's Hard to Manually Re-Develop FileMaker Solutions

1.) FileMaker Pro databases are feature-rich closed source binary files.
2.) The DDR XML and Save as XML exports are incomplete.
3.) Obtaining metadata outside of the XML files is the only way to obtain enough info about the database.
4.) The Claris engineering team uses Agile software development principles, providing frequent feature enhancements.

FmPro Migrator Server App Builder Workflow Diagram

FmPro Migrator Server App Builder - Workflow

3-Tier Application Deployment

Each application built by FmPro Migrator Server App Builder uses a secure REST API connection thru a web/application server to connect to the SQL database server. Users only connect with the server when needed, reducing server load and increasing the number of concurrent users which can be processed by the server. Another benefit to this implementation method is that both desktop and mobile applications also include an online/offline sync feature. Data is cached locally during offline usage and is then synced with the server once the connection is restored.

REST API Deployment Architecture Diagram

FmPro Migrator Server App Builder - 3-Tier Deployment Diagram

Scale-up FileMaker Solutions to Cloud Hosted Database Servers

If you’re reaching the limits with FileMaker Pro but don’t want to redevelop your solution completely, this is the service you need. Reduce the risk of redevelopment and achieve the scalability you are looking for. Significantly reduce your ongoing licensing costs for multi-user databases, with a fixed-price unlimited distribution runtime option available.

Multi-tenant solutions can be easily implemented by using separate databases on the SQL database server for each customer.


There are different pricing models used for this SaaS service, tailored to your business needs.

Standalone runtimes can be distributed to an unlimited number of users for a fixed price. Single-user runtime apps run on desktop or mobile platforms, and store their data locally on the computer or device.

Multi-user SQL database apps run on desktop or mobile devices and connect to open-source or commercial SQL database servers. Multi-user apps include online/offline sync capability, and are licensed on a per-user basis at a significant discount compared with Claris licensing or manually rewriting the solution. Price protection is available so you can grow your business over time.

Screenshots of Converted Solutions

The following solutions are shown in the image slider below:

black bulletToMas - 98% Conversion Rate. - This solution was converted from Microsoft Access to FileMaker, and was redeveloped within FileMaker.
black bulletFM Starting Point - 96% Conversion Rate. - This is the latest release of the popular CRM solution developed by Richard Carlton Consulting (with over 700K downloads).

Screenshots of Converted Solutions















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